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CallingData.com is a leading provider of specific targeted data for businesses to utilize for there marketing campaigns. We provide un-filtered, filtered and specific calling data for consumers and businesses throughout the USA. We offer opt-in calling data with time and date stamp records held on our servers with opt-out compliance. Many companies utilize our services to target specific marketing for there campaigns and or data management needs. Our data is filtered for the Federal and State DNC (Do-Not-Call) list compliance.

Our data resources are updated on a daily basis and compiled by various methods. The data is then broken down into many filters including state, county, zip code and area codes. The process of further breaking down the data to develop specific targeted marketing data entails a vast amount of resources and records to filter the accumulated data before distributing to our clients.
U.S. Consumers
90 Million Consumer Records. Specific targeted data with 85 filter selections.
U.S. Businesses
12 Million Business Records. Specific target business data with 28 filter selections.
Specific Data
Callingdata.com provides specific targeted data to industries including debt, insurance, mortgage, merchant services, real estate, retail and many more.
Most data providers only provide contact information for consumers and businesses throughout the USA. The data we compile is structured to include each individual consumer and business contact information along with specific criteria for the record; which would include:
 Home Owner/Renter  Debt  Industry  Website
 Marital Status/Gender  Credit Cards  Own/Lease  Open Lines
 Household Income  Insurance  Age  Vehicles
 Mortgage & Finance  Automobiles  Debt  Mortgages
 Travel  Phone/TV Provider  Credit Card Processing  Sic Codes
Our data will improve your marketing campaigns, by providing your company with targeted data specific for your industry. Research shows using quality data for marketing, will return a much better result and save valuable time and effort on your campaigns.
90 Million Consumers
85 Specific Filters
12 Million Businesses
28 Specific Filters
25 Million Opt-In Data
30 Specific Filters
Offering specific calling data for telemarketing and lead companies.